Would You Like a Free HDTV?

Take a few moments to find out how you really can get a free LCD TV

I had a problem, my television had an annoying fault. Bright objects on the screen would develop a luminous green glow around them and the only way to fix it was to muck around with the settings. I really needed to buy a new television, the only problem was I didn't have the money to pay for one. Fortunately, I found a website describing a way, with a little effort, to get one for free. I will show you that you can really get a lcd hdtv completely free.

Would you place a 5 bet, open an online bank account or take a free credit check trial to receive a free LCD TV?

Initially, I was very sceptical but the more I investigated the more it became clear that this was for real. Other people really are getting new televisions without paying any money for them just from placing a small bet, opening an online bank account or doing a free trial. This has even been investigated in the media - CNN, BBC and NBC all confirm this is genuine. Check out their reports for yourself on our proof page or read on below to learn more and sign up.

How to Get Your Free LCD TV

So why would somebody give you a LCD HDTV for free?

free lcd hdtv - find out how to get your samsung lcd hdtv without spending anything

Your new television will be supplied by a reward website, these websites earn the money to pay for your gift by referring you to another website. The business that runs the other website will require you to do something on their website before they will pay money to the reward site.

The business may only require you to do a free trial, which even though you don't pay anything, the company concerned knows from experience that a certain percentage of people will continue to pay for their service. They can therefore afford to pay the reward site a bounty when you sign up.

There are other offers available from the reward site which will cost you a small amount of money, but the value you gain from doing these offers far outweighs the monetary cost to you. Whether you do a free trial or a different offer, the choice is your's. You then need to ask a number of friends if they will do a free trial also and you refer them to the reward site using your link address.

Once you have done this the reward site will send you your new lcd hdtv.

For example, if you wanted a Samsung 22" widescreen TV;

  1. You complete a free trial for a business via a link from the reward site
  2. The business pays a bounty to the reward site for each successful sign up
  3. You would like a 19" WIDESCREEN LCD HDTV, which will normally cost you about $470/240
  4. You therefore need to get 12 people to sign up using your referral link
  5. The business also pays the reward site when each of these people successfully sign up
  6. The reward site then orders you your LCD HDTV

It's a win win situation for everybody;

It couldn't be any better, everyone's a winner! It may well get even better for the people you've referred when they receive their new wide-screen TV from the reward site as well.

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If they don't have the HDTV you desire, you can choose a 'Custom Order' and select a different TV or anything else you want.

Need More Proof You Can Get a LCD HDTV Free?

free lcd hdtv - how to get your lcd hdtv backed up by the BBC, CNN and NBC

Still not convinced you can really get a brand new lcd hdtv for free? I fully understand this is a lot to take on board in a short time. I too was sceptical in the beginning so I've added more information so you see this really works. Take a look at my proof page and view what other ordinary people have received, on the eXceem forum.

The reward site that will provide you with your new television are FreebieJeebies, I have chosen them as they have an outstanding record of fairness and reliablity at providing free gifts. I know from experience that they won't send you spam or sell your email address to anyone else. They are also one of the very few reward sites which have been judged professional enough to be recommended by eXceem.

You can choose from many different brands of TV or pick a brand which they don't have on their list by choosing a custom order. The main brands available are Sony LCDs, Panasonic TVs, Samsung LCD TVs and Philips HD TVs. Now all you need to do is click the link below to join up.

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Sign ups from the UK, USA, Canada and now many other countries excepted.