Q: How can this be real, no one would give LCD TVs away for free?
A: The reward sites which give you the LCD TV will earn a commission when each offer is completed. They then use most of this money to buy you the TV for you.

Q: What is a referral?
A: When you have signed up and completed your offer you will be given a referral link - this is your own link to give out to people. When they sign up you will see their email address with a red cross next to it and once they have completed an offer they will go "green". Once you have enough greens the order button will appear to allow you to enter verification for your chosen LCD TV.

Q: Do the friends I refer have to complete an offer too?
A: Yes, they can even do the same offer as you. Make sure that anybody that you sign up uses a different computer and different address and that these are correct. If incorrect details are given you may not receive your LCD TV.

Q: I have completed an offer but not been credited.
A: Some offers can remain pending for up to 2 weeks. If you have still not been credited after 14 days raise the issue with the reward site.

Q: When I complete the reward site can I start again?
A: You can. Once you have received your gift, they will reset your account and you may start all over again. Any unused credits may be rolled over to more gifts.

Q: I don't live in the UK or USA, can I still get a free LCD TV?
A: Yes you can. There are now offers available for you to complete, no matter where you are from. Follow sign up link below and complete an offer.

How to Get a Free HDTV

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