Tips and Tricks to Get Referrals Quickly

Once you have signed up to the reward site and completed an offer, you will need to start getting referrals to claim your free LCD TV. This may seem difficult at first but it needn't take too long for you to get all the referrals you need. This guide will help you speed up the process.

Friends and Family

You may well be able to get all the referrals you need just from your friends and family. You could contact them to ask them to help you claim your free HDTV and in return they will get two free DVD rentals. This won't cost them anything to do, plus they are helping you out, how could they say no!

All you need to do is email them your referral link address and ask them to sign up. If you want you could direct them to this website if they need more reassurance.

One thing to remember, they can't sign up using the same computer, Internet connection or home address and you aren't allowed to do the offer for them. These are all things which are against the rules and if you break them your account will be put on hold and you won't be able to claim your gift.

Adding Your Referral Link to Other Sites

There are a few websites where you can add your link to their site and use their traffic to gain you referrals. This way they do all the hard work for you and you just claim the free LCD HDTV.

You can buy a banner with your link attached at Gimme4free and advertise on a pay per click basis.

You can have your referral link added to RandomReferral - Free Gadgets the Really Easy Way for free. Your link will be added to a random link script, then people that join up through that site may use you as a referrer. It won't cost you anything to have your link added as you can complete some easy, free offers.

When you join you can gain credit to show your sign up page to others.

Other Methods for Gaining Referrals

Any contact with people on the net can potentially be an opportunity to gain a referral. If you are a member of a social networking site you could contact your friends to sell them on the idea. If you sell things on eBay you could contact former customers, just make sure you make it clear why you have their email address and that you're not spamming them.

If you have a blog you could write a post about it, or if you have a website you can add your referral link to the site.

The possibilities are as big as your imagination, just make sure you don't breach the terms and conditions of the reward website.

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